Hoboken rejects Jersey Shore spinoff starring Snooki and Jwoww

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It looks like the cast of MTV's The Jersey Shore is increasingly wearing out their welcome after two years of drinking, falling, fighting, and ham eating. First the cast was nearly chucked out of Italy for being awful, drunken, buffalo-wing monsters. Then New Jersey Governor Chris Christie axed the show's tax credit for giving the state a bad name. And now the city of Hoboken has rejected the plan for Snooki and Jwoww — if I'm being honest, the most entertaining of the group, not like that's hard to do though to film their spinoff in that fair city

Mayor Dawn Zimmer released a statement about the decision, saying it was "based on protecting public safety and quality of life concerns for Hoboken residents." The Mayor and the Hoboken Film Commission claim that because there would be barely any prior vetting of locations, since this is a reality show, it would be too much of a nuisance to allow the show to film. (And you can't film after 11 pm in a residential area, anyway.) She also made it clear that she knows the producers are shady and she wouldn't be putting up with any shenanigans:

We were extremely surprised to learn during our meeting with you that 495 Productions filmed in public areas without a required film permit in one location. You explicitly stated that the permit was not granted and instead informal "verbal agreements" were made involving payments to individuals.

…I write to put you, 459 Productions, MTV, and Viacom on formal notice that there will be zero tolerance for this kind of approach in the City of Hoboken.

Sure, those "public safety concerns" sound important or whatever, but really, Mayor Zimmer, we all know you just don't want to deal with the embarrassment of having the Jersey Shore kids in your city when you already have to deal with the embarrassment of being Hoboken. (I kid! I kid. Knives down, New Jerseyans.) Whatever the motive, it's clear that the cast is rapidly becoming the awful, drunken, buffalo-wing monsters without a country. Maybe you could try Newark?