“Honey Badger” viral video to become terrible TV show

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Hey, did you love S#*! My Dad Says? No? Okay, how about Cavemen? Did you love Cavemen? No, you didn't love that one either, you say. Well, never mind all that, because this TV adaptation of the "Honey Badger" viral video is going to avoid all the mistakes those two shows made! (Except for the initial mistake of crafting a series around an idea so thin it's practically anorexic.)

Conceived of by Canadian production company Six Eleven Media, the show follows a life-sciences professor — based off of the video's narrator, Randall — at a dysfunctional university. The university's mascot? Honey the honey badger, natch. Thank God it's going to be animated, because I don't want to imagine what a live-action adaptation of this video would look like. Nope. Not gonna do it.

Here's how Kirk Schenck, one of the founders of Six Eleven, described the project's start:

“Six Eleven was developing a university-based animated comedy following a professor who thinks he knows more than he really does, and his students, who know even less. When Randall’s Honey Badger videos took off last year garnering tens of millions of avid followers around the world, it seemed natural to merge the two concepts,” said Schenck in a statement.

That is incorrect, sir. There is nothing natural about this idea. It is distinctly unnatural, and if you do not realize that this series will sputter into being and let out one plaintive cry of "I was never meant to liiiiiiiiive" before mercifully dying, you are mistaken. The Honey Badger, the Cavemen, Shit My Dad Says — these are jokes. Some people think they're very funny jokes, sure, but a joke is not the same thing as a concept for a TV series. Just think about how few sketch-based SNL movies ever succeeded. And meme-based ideas have even less to go on, because they are by their very nature one-note: you see them, you laugh, and you probably never see them again. (Unless you show it to someone else, in which case you'll still laugh, but it will never be as good as the first time. Like taking ecstasy or committing arson.)

There could be more to this idea than the other two meme-based shows mentioned above; the creators plan to incorporate the students at this maladjusted university as well. But be honest: who wants to hear Randall describe a new animal every week? (In fact, incorporating the viral video to the idea they already had probably ruined what could have been a decent idea for an animated series.) Please, learn a lesson from the unfortunate ones who've come before you

Finally, here is the Honey Badger sketch, as if you haven't already seen it.