Howard Johnson is offering a free night’s stay to anyone named Don Draper

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Don Draper

No one really won in Mad Men's trippy Sunday episode, between all the LSD, failed pitches, and orange sherbet. But Howard Johnson is looking to scrounge some business out of the ashes of SPOILER ALERT Roger and Jane's marriage: the hotel chain is offering a free night's stay to anyone with the legal name of Don Draper.

While some kid peeing in the Howard Johnson pool was the least of Don and Megan's problems in that episode, the company is attempting to rectify its totally fictional mistake with this new deal. Here's the statement:

To the Don Drapers of the world, the Howard Johnson hotel brand would like to say this: We're sorry and your next stay is on us.

Now, of course, there are some stipulations to this offer. You've got to book by May 8, actually stay at one of eight Howard Johnsons by August 31, and provide ID verifying you are actually named Don Draper. Seems pretty elaborate for a measly night at a HoJo, but you do get to ask for the "Don Draper rate," which may be the coolest thing I've ever heard.

Then again, any man out there who is in fact named Don Draper is likely drowning in ladies as we speak, so he might not make it to the Howard Johnson website in time to claim this discount.