Mandy Moore lands new TV series in relentless campaign to remind you of her existence

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Add one more entry to the list of new sitcoms that you won't be watching, because singer/actress Mandy Moore is getting her own TV series. The Walk to Remember star has just signed a deal to star in ABC's upcoming single-camera comedy, Us and Them. Directed by Shawn Levy (Real Steel), the pilot will follow Moore's character, newlywed Annie, as she navigates the "inherent conflict" between her husband and her family.

Okay, first of all, another Mandy Moore vehicle — Because I Said So, starring Diane Keaton as Moore's overbearing mom — already used a premise similar to this one. I know this because I watched this film at least five times during the summer of 2008, which is five times more than anyone else watched it, which makes me a certified expert on the Moore canon. And second of all, on the off-chance that anyone at ABC saw Moore's acting in this movie and nonetheless green-lit the sitcom project, didn't they have a loved one who could take them aside and gently tell them that they should maybe get out of the entertainment industry and go back to law school, because their cultural sensibilities are still rooted in an era when Wesley Clark jokes were relevant?

On an unrelated note, however, check out this clip from Moore's first music video, "Candy," which she filmed when she was fifteen. It'll take you back to a kinder, sweeter time, when it was totally acceptable for underage girls to sing pop tunes filled with vaguely disguised sexual metaphors.