Jane Curtin says John Belushi tried to “sabotage” female SNL writers

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Buzz has been building around Tina Fey's Oprah appearance for a while now, but on last night's episode, which featured several former Saturday Night Live cast members, it was Jane Curtin who ended up bringing major revelations to the table.

Talking about the difficulty female writers and cast members faced in the show's earlier days, Curtin singled out John Belushi for attempting to block female work.

"It was a misogynistic environment, and in 1975, it was a very different time… [Female writers] were working against John, who said, 'Women are just fundamentally not funny.' You'd go to a table read, and if a female writer had written a piece for John, he would not read it in his full voice, he would whisper it. He felt as though it was his duty to sabotage pieces that were written by women."

Sadly, this story isn't too hard to believe. Check out the full clip above as Chevy Chase tries to diplomatically disagree with Jane, Tracy Morgan steers the conversation back to his boss Tina Fey, and Fey puts in her two cents on the issue.