Watch Jason Sudeikis as hosting-machine Ricky Gervais on SNL

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Anticipating tonight's broadcast of the boozy Golden Globes, last night's Daniel Radcliffe-hosted episode of SNL featured Ricky Gervais, as played by Jason Sudeikis, hosting other awards shows, such as the Kids' Choice Awards, the Westminster Dog Show, the Philadelphia Flower Show, and the BET Music Awards. "Gerdeikis" learned the consequences of making a lazy Shih Tzu joke versus poking fun at Ice Cube's weight.

It would be funny if, after last year's controversial scorched-earth monologue, Gervais threw a curveball, coming out with an inoffensive, anti-Don Rickles routine, but no one wants that, and it's not going to happen. The masses want digs at The Tourist and gay Scientologist jokes to compensate for this year's absence of Ryan Gosling. (And that dessert pudding featuring $135-a-gram gold flakes that guests will be treated to.) So The Artist better watch its back!

This year's Globes will start with a clean slate. Gervais got something of a comeuppance by way of Johnny Depp's cameo on Life's Too Short and the embarrassing attention paid to old videos of Gervais' early '80s New Wave duo, Seona Dancing. Let the games begin again!