Jay Leno steals a video montage from blogger, gives us another reason not to like him

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Jay Leno

Reasons to hate Jay Leno are plentiful. He's not as funny as Conan, he's not really that funny at all, and he might be the devil. Now, there's one more. Blogger Rich of fourfour is accusing him of stealing a video montage Rich made, and running it on The Tonight Show as if it was created by the show. 

Last week, Rich the blogger made a video montage of Taylor Swift looking surprised at award shows. Which is cute because — despite the fact that she's won just about everything — she always looks like she's going to blow up with happiness when the announcement comes.

Then, the story goes, Jay Leno's people called, asked to use it on the show, promised to credit the original source, and then just didn't. Which sucks (lying part aside) because a split second plug on Jay Leno's part could actually help out a medium-sized blog. And, you know, just because Jay Leno sucks. 

Here's the original video from FourFour, followed by Leno's segment.