Jay Mohr to play a version of Charlie Sheen on Law & Order

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Jay Mohr to play Charlie Sheen type on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

It was only a matter of time until Charlie Sheen got the Law & Order treatment, but the real mystery was who would play him. Maybe Emilio Estevez? Nah, he would never. Perhaps James Franco? Not this time, buddy. What about… Charlie Sheen? He wishes! No, it turns out that Jay Mohr will be playing the Charlie Sheen-inspired character on an upcoming Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode. 

So how will NBC disguise the fact that it's poking fun at the former star of CBS's marquee sitcom? By giving him a silly name and new job, says Deadline:

Mohr will star in a pseudo-ripped-from-the-headlines episode later this season as Hollywood bad boy Nyle Brite, a "rockstar" fashion designer whose every creation turns to gold. His badboy reputation of cocaine benders and call-girl parties only skyrockets his career and mints him as the "lovable rogue."

Noelle Beck of As the World Turns will play Brite's long-suffering wife who has only stayed married to the party animal because she has "secrets of her own." Sounds juicy!

We don't know exactly when the episode will air, but the new (and final) Law & Order: CI season premieres on the first of May.