Jay-Z and Adult Swim are making a show

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A few months ago, I dreamed a little dream of Jay-Z getting his own network, and now, rumor has it, this dream is coming true. Sort of. Although Hova will not be running an entire television network, he does have a development deal with Adult Swim

Adult Swim has worked with rappers before (Danger Mouse and MF Doom's 2006 LP featured Meatwad and Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force), but never in a television capacity. Cartoon Network, however, Adult Swim's more appropriate and sober sibling has been there and done that. Andre 3000's Class of 3000 ran for two seasons starting in 2006. Despite Jay-Z's many, many multi-media ventures, TV just hasn't been something he's been able to conquer — although a few years ago he and Diddy did try to buy Comcast G4. Maybe starting small with just a show, rather than a network, will be a better bet? 

The partnership was supposed to be announced Wednesday night at the Adult Swim upfronts, but instead of making the announcement, all Jay did was perform a killer set complete with an appearance from Swizz Beatz. What gives, man? I'm dying to know what a Jay-Z cartoon would look like. I'm hoping for some kind of autobiographical hip-hopera that opens with "December 4th" and with any luck continues on as a series until we reach "On To The Next One" and other egoistical (and true) future classics off The Blueprint 3.