Jay-Z gets animated, promotes fiscal responsibility to kids on “Secret Millionaire’s Club”

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An animated Jay-Z, as he will appear on the Secret Millionaire's Club

With Jay-Z getting ready to become a dad, it's no surprise that he might want to impart some of the wisdom and knowledge that got him out of the Marcy Houses to a younger generation.

The hip-hop icon and entrepreneur has been animated into the latest episode of The Secret Millionaire's Club, a TV show created by famed businessman Warren Buffett in order to teach fiscal responsibility to young children. Jay-Z, who has thus far never appeared as a cartoon, provides his voice and image to the episode "Be Cool To Your School," slated to air on Hub TV this Sunday.

The following clip shows Hov in one of his sharp three-piece suits, touting the benefits of entrepreneurship and sound financial planning… followed by yet another montage of big-city hijinks set to "Empire State Of Mind." 

As to what advice he may have, I'm not all that certain. I can only imagine it involves tearing apart a Maybach and touring with Kanye West.