Jerry Springer says his show is less ridiculous than Fox News

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The only time I ever watch TV at 11 a.m. during the week is when I think I deserve "mental health day" and stay home. On these occasions, I will almost certainly wind up watching The Jerry Springer Show, which is probably the worst thing for one's mental health. Well, make that second worst.

Jerry Springer recently did an interview with the Huffington Post, wherein they probed him on his unlikely career trajectory, what he thinks of his show and the people who watch it, and his involvement in politics — which naturally led to the question:

Which is more ridiculous: Fox News or “The Jerry Springer Show”?
"Well Fox, because it has more consequence. Our show is obviously silly. People on our show get angry, but the next day they’re dating someone else. It’s never taken health care from anyone. It’s never put us into a war."

I mean, it's certainly a hard call, but maybe Springer, who is a big ol' liberal, is right. I'm sure the upright citizens over at Fox wouldn't agree that listening to sagas surrounding maybe-baby daddies and incestuous trailer park relationships is less absurd than the slew of misinformation they feed us. But hey, at least Jerry proves that the rail-thin dude with no teeth is, in fact, the father on his show. With real evidence! Maybe Fox could learn a thing or two from Springer.