Jimmy Fallon is recording a comedy album

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Jimmy Fallon

"Lyin' Ass Bitch" debacle be damned. It appears Jimmy Fallon has amassed enough Late Night success to merit a second comedy album, due out next summer from Warner Brothers Records.

According to the label, Fallon's album will feature "music, parodies, and other impresario compositions that became instant classics after performances by Jimmy and his guest on the 'Late Night' show." Translation: expect Neil Young to be make an appearance.

Fallon recorded a comedy album in 2002 called The Bathroom Wall, which earned a Grammy nomination. If you actually know Bathroom Wall, it's probably through the single "Idiot Boyfriend," whose music video features a pre-fame, unfortunately blond Zooey Deschanel.

Fallon had this to say about his new album:

"Having a new album coming out soon on Warner Bros. means so much to me. Mostly, it means I should probably start writing some songs."

Besides Neil Young, which parodies or impressions are you hoping for on Fallon's album? Personally, I wouldn't mind an expansion on his David Bowie karaoke.