Jimmy Fallon nails it again with Pearl Jam parody “Jeremy (Lin)”

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Well, to no one's surprise, Jimmy Fallon has done it again. By "it," I mean "deliver a spot-on musical parody," and this time, it's a brutally accurate Eddie Vedder impression complete with homeless-man grunge gear in a takeoff on the Pearl Jam classic "Jeremy." Only, this time, the lyrics are re-jiggered to tell the tale of Knicks' point guard and international overnight sensation Jeremy Lin, who by now must also be sick of Jeremy Lin.

Fallon nails Vedder's anguished vocal tics, The Roots stand in for the other Pearl Jammers, and, in the interests of fidelity, there are even nods to the original Ten-era video from twenty years ago. Fallon's Tebowie character from last month is a hard act to follow, but he pulls it off, adding yet another character to his burgeoning repertoire. Fallon-as-Vedder sings of the Harvard sensation:

"At home, shooting free throws and three-point shots, waiting for a job/ Name not yet a pun/ Carmelo injury/ Came out of nowhere like an Asian Tebow."

I'm sure Lin got a kick out of it, though Pearl Jam's not exactly a Christian band. Fallon has quietly become another Weird Al Yankovic in his own right, with almost enough material for his own parody album at this point. I'd like to see him throw us a curveball next and perhaps try out a Nicki Minaj.