Jimmy Kimmel announced as host of 2012 Emmys

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Jimmy Kimmel

For the third consecutive year, the Emmys have proven that they kick the living crap out of the Oscars in terms of hosting picks. Because while the Academy Awards are swinging wildly between stoned, eighteen-to-forty-nine demographic snatchers (James Franco) and once-great men whose faces now terrify me to my core (Billy Crystal), the Emmys continue to stick to funny, proven performers. Case in point: Jimmy Kimmel is set to emcee this year's ceremony.

Kimmel has hosted the American Music Awards and the ESPY Awards in the past, so this ain't his first awards show rodeo — in fact, he'll also host the White House Correspondents' Dinner next month. The late-night host had this to say about his upcoming gig:

"I hope to be able to do for the Emmys this year what Eddie Murphy did for the Oscars."

That zinger may only merit a polite applause shot of a random Good Wife cast member, but I've got faith in Kimmel. After all, I kinda want to adopt those brothers from "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy," and my number-one bucket-list item remains "peek inside the Handsome Men's Club." So yeah, he's got my full support come September 23. Provided he can get Josh Groban to sing more Kanye tweets as the opening act.