Jimmy Kimmel’s Movie: The Movie was the best part of Oscar night

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The Oscars, like usual, turn out to be less about who actually won what and more about everything else. The day after, sure, there may be a few conversations about last night's big winner The Artist. (And those conversations will, no doubt, be attended by the annoying office contrarian who thinks the movie's overrated.) But most of the water-cooler talk has been centered around the rest: Billy Crystal's hosting ability, what Eddie Murphy would have done, the best speeches, Angelina Jolie's leg, and the best post-ceremony piece of comedy. 

As far as that last one goes, can we have the envelope please? The winner for this year's post-Oscars piece of comedy, in a landslide, goes to Jimmy Kimmel's Movie: The Movie.

The conceit is simple: Kimmel wants to make the greatest movie of all time and has enlisted the help of just about every actor and actress working today. The results, in the probable words of any crusty old Oscar voter, are utterly sublime. 

Can someone get a Kickstarter together just to turn one of these storylines into a full-fledged production?