J.J. Abrams developing a new show for Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson

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Lost fanatics, are you still mourning the end of your favorite show? Is the lack of Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson — who played John Locke and creepy Ben Linus, respectively — in your daily life causing you emotional distress? If so, you'll probably be very, very happy to learn that J.J. Abrams is shopping around a show that would star the two actors as former black-ops agents, which seems like a perfect fit. There's long been talk of the two pairing up, but this is the first actual evidence that anything is going to happen.

Want to hear more details? Too bad! Because, as with many things Abrams is involved in (like Super 8, his upcoming film that already has a teaser trailer but just started casting its roles), we know almost nothing. According to Vulture:

As always with all things Abrams, details are sketchy, but insiders said the potential show — which we've heard carries the working title Odd Jobs — would have a dose of humor. It's not clear whether Appelbaum and Nemec will include any elements of an idea floated by O'Quinn last winter that had the two former Lost-mates serving as suburban hit men.

I was never the biggest fan of Lost, but even I have to admit that both O'Quinn and Emerson were pretty amazing in their roles, and I much prefer the lighter side of Abrams than those moments when his creations are super serious. Now all we need is a network to actually pick the show up. Here's hoping they will.