Joan Rivers reveals she’s had plastic surgery 739 times

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To say that Joan Rivers is a rarity would almost be insulting — that would imply there's more like her.

She's been a role model, blazing trails in an era when females were seen as nothing more than secretaries or housewives, forcing people to take out the last insulting clause in the sentence, "She's funny for a woman." To have her career, now in its fifth decade, and to not have lost a step—one need only watch the amazing documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work to see how impressive her comedic chops still are — is unprecedented and a cause for admiration.

But, man, she certainly has some issues with plastic surgery.

That above photo? That's Rivers in her early years, performing sometime in the '60s, in her most natural unadulterated state. The following, meanwhile, is a photo of Rivers (now 78 years old) in the past year: 

In between those two photos, according to this interview with Daily Telegraph, Rivers has undergone 739 plastic surgery-type procedures. That's a lot!