John Hodgman and Spike Jonze working on a new project for HBO

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John Hodgman — personification of a PC, contributor to This American Life, correspondent on The Daily Show, hilarious author, all-around awesome person — just announced a new talk-show/variety-show event on September 28 called Good Evening, My Name Is John Hodgman. According to his site, the show will "explore a certain theme through conversation, music, contests of brain and muscle, and an actual game of football;" the theme of the evening is Jocks vs. Nerds, with the "jocks" represented by Jets center Nick Mangold and the "nerds" by Hodgman. If you're going to be in the New York area, you can possibly even go! Here's how:

IT WOULD EQUALLY DELIGHT ME to see you there, friends of the Internet, and say to you GOOD EVENING, MY NAME IS JOHN HODGMAN once again, for the very first time.

LUCKILY: attendance is FREE OF CHARGE and EASY TO ARRANGE. If you would like tickets, all you need to do is email your name, email, phone, and number of tickets required to jhodgmantickets @ You will then receive a confirmation email with all the details.

But that is not the most exciting part at all. No, the most exciting part is that the event will be filmed by none other than Spike Jonze as a sort of pilot/pitch for a new HBO series. With music by Jonathan Coulton, who, if you don't know him, penned this little ditty:

Basically, everyone involved in this potential project is awesome, and if HBO knows what's good for them (but mostly what's good for us), they'll give this thing a green light. If they go for it, I'll even pretend How to Make It In America never happened.