Crazy Betty

Haters gonna hate, and silver foxes gonna rescue pretty young things. John Slattery (Mad Men's Roger Sterling) has jumped to the defense of January Jones after eleven-year-old actor Jared Gilmore said in childlike innocence what everybody already suspected yesterday: "Be careful around January. She's not as approachable as the others."

No doubt Betty Draper would be scary as hell to have as a mom, but how much of the intimidation factor is due to her character, how much reality? When asked about Jones's rumored ice-queen tendencies, Slattery claimed, "No, she's a sweetheart. We got lucky, we don't have anyone like that." He even went so far as to say that Jones "will make a great mother." While Bobby Draper might disagree there, Slattery emphasizes that Betty Draper is merely "an intimidating character." 

Frankly, all this drama is probably only interesting because Mad Men fans are getting a little stir-crazy during the hiatus, and are willing to grab hold of any bait surrounding the show. Here's an idea for how to healthily decompress some of that pent-up fandom: Mad Men Yourself, 2009 style. Trust me, it remains wholesome fun.

Commentarium (6 Comments)

Aug 24 11 - 12:12pm

What Slattery was really saying was "I want to fuck January Jones."

Aug 24 11 - 2:02pm

who doesn't

Aug 24 11 - 3:15pm

Me. Hot piece of ass--yes. Frigid persona--blech. I'll take a 7 over a 10 if she is fun to fuck.

Aug 24 11 - 7:02pm

Lap - if she comes by your place and you're not interested, feel free to send her over to mine.

Aug 24 11 - 10:33pm
el profe

I'll wait for Mad Men on Netflix. Fuck AMC for what they allowed The Killing to do.

Aug 30 11 - 12:30am

This makes everything so completely painesls.