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In next month's cover story for Details, Jon Hamm talks about being ignored in Hollywood for decades, motorcycles, girlfriends, porn stars vs. movie stars and his new movie, The Town. Overall, he proves why he's worthy of our love, which is too often directed only toward Don Draper. 

"When you try to learn how to act, you approach it with respect. But if you just want to be famous . . . that's not that much different than porn. 'I'm a movie star!' Well, no, you're not. You're a porn star, and that's completely different. And you know, hey, mazel tov—porn probably built half the houses out here, but you're selling your dignity in a way that I feel I'm not. And once you sell it, it's gone. You ain't getting it back."
Jon Hamm in Details
"At a certain point [in my life], I figured I was way too far down the line for a normal career. I was waiting tables with a friend who had been a business major, and he really wanted to get this job selling copiers. I just thought, 'Really? You really want that job?' My dad was a salesman. He could sell anything to anybody. I was like, 'Nah, not for me.'" Hamm arrived in Hollywood just in time for the reign of the CW and the WB. "If you didn't look 18 years old, you weren't working. And I didn't look 18 years old when I was 18. I always looked 10 years older than I was."
"I do this show for four months of the year. I can't live on it—I gotta keep hustling."
Jon Hamm Details sexy
"Anything can be the next big break," Hamm says, "and you really don't know what's going to hit. You can try to be that guy who's the predictor. Or you can just say, 'I want to do this role because I really like it.' It's much more difficult to predict shit."  [Details]

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super hot.

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That cover photo does kinda make you want to drop to your knees and unzip him.

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I'm glad you all enjoyed this so much -- I'd been trying to find something sexy for the ladies...

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I am straight as an arrow and I want him to cradle me, if only with his soft words.

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God I love this man.

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OMG I want him!