Jon Hamm stops by Mike O’Brien’s “7 Minutes in Heaven”

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Jon Hamm

Mike O'Brien recently lived out the fantasy of roughly eighty percent of the population (the other twenty percent are asexual or infants) when he spent Seven Minutes in Heaven with the charming, dreamy Jon Hamm. And unlike some of O'Brien's other "Seven Minutes" interviews, this one lived up to its name. Needless to say, dude is one lucky sonofabitch.

So what do we learn about Hamm that we didn't already learn from that bizarre-as-fuck Esquire interview? Well, let's see. About half of his sexual encounters end in tears, he prefers to say goodbye to British lads with a tip of the bowler hat, and praising The Town will not get him to kiss you. Oh, and Don Draper's first appearance was not in Ally McBeal. Though hot damn: If he had guested in an episode featuring Robert Downey, Jr., I would watch nothing but that episode for the rest of my life.

Basically, this interview is more of Mike O'Brien being awkward and Jon Hamm being amazing, but who's complaining? Check it out for yourself, and brace yourself for some crazy Mad Men season five spoilers: