Jon Hamm talks with Time about sexism, cigarettes, his seductive hair

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Mad Men Jon Hamm

We’ve been waiting for this Time interview with John Hamm to hit the internet all week. The middle-aged hearthrob from "30 Rock" (you mean he’s on another show?!) took reader questions about Don Draper, the 1960s, and how your husband can get his totally bangin’ hair:

Our favorite Q&A’s:

How do you get your hair to stay so perfectly coiffed on the show? I’m trying to replicate it on my husband. —Rian Curley, CAMARILLO, CALIF.
Have your husband come into hair and makeup, and they will load it up with about three pounds of hair spray and gel, and it won’t move. It is locked down. Crispy.

Has playing Don Draper influenced your personal style? —Lyse Garant, DOVER, N.J.
I’m more conscious of what goes into dressing up. My personal style is not quite up to snuff with Mad Men. But the difference between a nice suit and a suit that isn’t tailored to fit you is significant. It’s very much a statement about a person who’s ready to look like he’s in control of a situation.

What qualities do you think men lack today that were present in those from the Mad Men era? —Octavio de la Torre, PALMDALE, CALIF.
There’s a cordialness that men had when dealing with the opposite sex, even when they were being blatantly sexist. It’s a weird conundrum. But that’s been replaced with men treating women like absolute garbage and not even being polite about it, which is too bad.

Is Mad Men really about men or about women?Ellen Speicher, COLUMBUS, OHIO
I’ll give a lame answer: both. There are at least three phenomenal female characters on our show in Peggy, Joan and Betty. It’s very much about how they are dealing with this world that these men nominally run. I don’t think you can have a show about men that doesn’t deal with women. But the overarching presences are the men.

The "Mad Men" fourth season premiere is Sunday at 10/9c on AMC.