Jon Stewart appears on Fox, calls Chris Wallace “insane”

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You have to hand it to Jon Stewart: he's not afraid to debate his viewpoint, even on a network like Fox that might not be super amiable towards him. (Though he and Bill O'Reilly do share a certain rapport.) The Daily Show host appeared on the news channel for a third time this weekend to chat with Chris Wallace about media bias, the responsibilities of a reporter vs those of a comedian, and the ideological… oh, never mind. This is the debate Stewart and Fox hosts always have, so I don't really need to spell it out to you. But the exchange does get delightfully heated at certain points:

Honestly, is this a debate worth having anymore? Hearing the people from Fox News claim the station doesn't have a conservative bias just makes them look silly at best, terminally stupid at worst. (Just own it, guys.) And hearing Stewart use his "I'm just a comedian" thing is silly as well — because, as we learned from the recent Tracy Morgan kerfuffle, people will listen to you even if you're telling jokes. And I think he knows, even if he might not like it, that much of his viewing audience looks to him in part as a voice of reason and a source of information. So both sides should give up those feints.

That being said, I think Stewart is still on more solid ground; as a comedian he is under no obligation to present all sides of a story. That would make for some pretty shitty comedy, I imagine. A reporter, on the other hand, should be doing just that. But Stewart's higher point is probably the best: forget liberal or conservative, it's sensationalistic news that's really the problem.