Jon Stewart thinks Herman Cain could have chosen a better quote from Pokemon

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Stewart suggests a few different other quotes from the <em>Pokemon</em> movie

Pizza/ladies' man Herman Cain has given us so much in the way of content. From his 9-9-9 tax plan to the waves of sexual harassment allegations that have come his way, he's become a constant source of material for every writer, comedian and news outlet in the country… but like all things, it couldn't last forever. This Saturday, Herman Cain announced the end of his bid for the GOP nomination.

Fortunately, he chose to do so with an impromptu and over-the-top press conference that set Twitter ablaze. Every part of the event — Cain's entrance set to "I Am America," his delayed arrival, and just about every word he said — was truly a final gift to the comedy community. While each second of the announcement was laughable, the most incredible moment arrived at the end — something Jon Stewart described as "the greatest nine words ever spoken by an American politician:"

"I believe these words came from the Pokemon movie …"

Yes, Herman Cain closed his speech with a quote from a song at the end of Pokemon 2000. While the choice to end his campaign with a line from a kids' movie was funny enough, Stewart goes one step further to show a few more inspirational and apt lines from the film that may have served better for the occasion. Take a look at the clip below and be sure to stick around for the end of the segment, where we see who's the next GOP candidate in the crosshairs.