Judd Apatow hopes “people fight every week” about Girls

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Judd Apatow

While you may or may not have been staying up at night worrying about the inevitable backlash against Girls, executive producer Judd Apatow isn't bothered by it, and says it's all part of the plan:

"When we made it, we always knew that it was a show you should fight about. It was built to be a show that you'd have to defend or argue about — for some people, it would make them angry — and we go over that terrain for the course of ten episodes. So hopefully people will fight about it every week! Not just one week."

In particular, Apatow seems unfazed by the endless critiques that Girls (unlike, you know, every single other show about young people currently airing on television) only represents the experience of unrealistically wealthy, privileged white people:

"There's funny things to hate about it, because it is about people who are self-entitled and smart and screwing up their lives. It's supposed to be about people who are a disaster and privileged, and every time you do something about people like that, people go, 'Why are they like that?' Well,because that's the point of the show. The joke of it. People go, 'Why are men immature in your movies?' Well, because they are immature and it's funny to see them to try to figure it out." 

He does have a point here — just because a character is irritating or incompetent doesn't exactly make them unrealistic. In fact, it's more likely to be the other way around. He also dropped one last sad-but-true nugget of wisdom about the ideology behind the show: "Girls are just as demented and neurotic as guys." Um, heartening?