Judd Apatow teams with Lena Dunham for HBO coming-of-age comedy

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Exciting news — Judd Apatow will produce a TV series for HBO with twenty-four-year-old comedian Lena Dunham, whose feature, Tiny Furniture, we loved at this year's SXSW. The precocious Dunham wrote, directed, and starred in the film; she's also writing and starring in the as-yet-untitled series, as well as directing the pilot. (She's really making the rest of us feel under-accomplished, to be honest.)

The half-hour comedy focuses on a group of directionless twentysomethings, but breaks the Apatow mold a bit in that said twentysomethings are mostly female. It'll be Apatow's first TV series since he finally achieved mainstream success with The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Said success means that unlike his two previous series, the decent Undeclared and the late, lamented, hilarious, tearjerking, goddamn stone-classic Freaks and Geeks, this one might actually have a chance of lasting to a second season — assuming it first makes it past the pilot stage. Stay tuned.