Julian Assange will guest star on The Simpsons

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Julian Assange Simpsons

As everyone knows, the single best way to celebrate five hundred episodes of animated greatness is to bring on the kinda creepy, extremely polarizing Aussie behind Wikileaks. (Which explains why the 500th episode of Looney Tunes was just "eh.") That's right, folks: Julian Assange is coming to The Simpsons.

The Fox show will hit the big 5-00 on February 19, and just to prove The Simpsons can do whatever the fuck it wants, the series somehow worked Assange — who's still under house arrest, mind you — into the episode, titled "At Long Last Leave." In it, the Simpson family will be evicted from Springfield and move to a "rugged" new neighborhood where Assange also resides. Turns out Assange's idea of "welcome to the neighborhood" involves a home-movie viewing party. Only in this case, the home movie is a tape of an Afghan wedding being bombed.

Even Al Jean, executive producer of the show, had no idea where Assange recorded his lines from. He was merely given a number to call, and directed Assange remotely over the summer. (That is, if you actually believe these anarchist non-Waltons didn't have a Duff kegger with Assange. And you know Homer overdid it, so expect a lot of Springfield nuclear secrets to hit the Internet in the coming months.)

Assange's cameo is sure to cause a lot of chatter, but if The Simpsons can nab such elusive guest stars, I say they aim higher. Where's the Harper Lee episode? No, screw that, I want my long-anticipated Elvis Presley and Amelia Earhart episode, where they naturally star as Krusty the Clown's side acts. Matt Groening, I'm waiting.