Julianne Moore cast as Sarah Palin in upcoming HBO movie

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Julianne Moore and Sarah Palin

Well, golly gee, Julianne Moore better brush up on her folksy adages. She's just been cast as Sarah Palin in HBO's upcoming adaptation of the best-selling book Game Change. The book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, which depicts the inner workings of the historic 2008 presidential election, presents Palin as woefully out of her league and greatly under-prepared for public scrutiny in the national spotlight. Yup, that sounds about right to us.

The film will be directed by Jay Roach, which is somewhat of an odd choice considering he's best known for his work on Meet the Parents and the Austin Powers franchise. But the pivotal roles of Obama, McCain and Hillary Clinton have yet to be cast. Which actors would you like to see duke it out for presidential supremacy? Get creative in the comments.