Katie Couric to leave CBS Evening News

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It's official: Katie Couric is leaving her post as CBS Evening News' solo anchor. She was the first woman in the country to run a nightly newscast all by her lonesome, and she chipped away enough at the glass ceiling that Diane Sawyer was able to join her (and, of course, soundly beat her ratings). Brian Williams, of NBC's Nightly News, still holds the top spot in the ratings. (Damn you, patriarchy!)

When Couric first began at Evening News in 2006, she was at the top of the big three. After a few weeks though, the novelty of seeing Couric at night as opposed to with your morning coffee, must have worn off, because she sunk to third place, where she’s stayed for the majority of the past five years. These years haven't been without their highlights, though — Couric will always be remembered for the Palin interview in which the then vice-presidential hopeful cheerfully claimed to read "all of" the newspapers.

CBS has yet to officially announce Couric's departure, but an anonymous executive spilled the beans late last night. There have been rumors that Couric's next move will be towards a talk show.