Keith Olbermann cancels “Worst Persons” because of Jon Stewart

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This is a big week for Jon Stewart. It's a pretty big deal when you organize a rally with an audience larger than most small cities, when Salman Rushdie makes a public show of disapproval because you booked Cat Stevens who is awesome but also technically has a fatwa on his head, etc.

But Jon should be most proud for pushing Keith Olbermann to finally nix Countdown's "Worst Persons in the World" segment. Even with Fox News employing every sensationalistic tactic in the book, Jon's right; it would be nice if the liberal news tried to be the bigger man (e.g., NOT organ music, CGI flames). 

Olbermann is pretty gracious in a most un-Olbermann-like fashion: "The anger was not an original part of it." His explanation is below.