Keith Olbermann indefinitely suspended from MSNBC

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Keith Olbermann suspended from MSNBC.

You know how people in movies are always saying things like "follow the money"? Well, it looks like people in real life actually do that, and they've discovered that MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann's money leads to some political candidates — three of them, all Democrats.

And, just like that, Olbermann's been 'suspended indefinitely' by his longtime network.

Ouch. Time to start taking bets on how long it'll take someone to hold a Rally to Restore Keith Olbermann. If this suspension leads to a firing, then the clip below, in which he discusses Sarah Palin and the orange-hued presumptive Speaker of the House John Boehner, will be his last as host of MSNBC's Countdown. End of an era?