Kenny Powers coming back to HBO in February

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Even if you love every second of HBO's Eastbound & Down, it's risky to recommend it to people. You either completely love the exploits of the occasionally-cornrowed, mostly drunk and/or high, booty and/or ass loving Kenny Powers, or you most decidedly do not. The show's almost as divisive as Tim Tebow. And it's not so much an acquired taste as a built-in one. You can watch about five minutes of the first episode and know right away whether it's for you.

Which is all to say, nothing has me more excited this week than this first look from HBO for the third (and rumored to be final) season of the show. In it, you get quintessential Powers: shot-gunning beers, walking the beach with a Confederate-flag boogie board, and giving horrendous advice to the youth of today. In other words, complete and utter brilliance.