Kevin Smith may get his own talk show

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Kevin Smith is developing a daytime talk show, possibly for Fox. Here's the email Vulture obtained about the production, currently shooting a pilot in L.A.:

"a daily 30-minute entertainment talk show for syndication … The idea is a Regis and Kelly talk show at the opposite end of the day for the opposite kind of audience — the 12-34 demo. Kevin and his co-host will talk water-cooler topics at the top of the show, followed by a celebrity interview and a comedy segment from the field (a la The Daily Show). Each show will feature one celebrity interview."

I think this is good news. After a series of shakily received films, Smith may finally be picking a career that's playing to his strengths. Anyone's who's seen both the Evening With Kevin Smith DVDs and just about any Kevin Smith movie can tell you that Kevin Smith is probably a better storyteller than a filmmaker. The clumsy zaniness of his movies becomes kind of an unforced playfulness in his stories of Hollywood life. When you're watching him on stage, you can appreciate that this chubby geek from New Jersey managed to smuggle himself into the most image-conscious place on earth, even if he's not making the greatest films.

To whet your appetite, here's Smith on his famously strange encounter with Prince: