Kristen Bell asks fans to petition Warner Brothers for a “Veronica Mars” movie

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Veronica Mars, the high-school noir drama that Rob Thomas created before he moved on the Party Down, is one of those shows that, like Arrested Development, people refuse to let die. From the moment the show's cancellation was announced, fans called out for a movie; the unaired "pilot" for a retooled Mars, in which the show jumped forward to Veronica's time at the FBI, probably helped inspire a lot of the fervor. But no matter how much everyone involved said they would love to come back to the show in some form, it seemed unlikely after Warner Brothers passed on the project. (Boo, hiss.)

Apparently this is not the kind of show that people move on from, though. (Which I understand — I'd go so far as to say the first season was one of the best seasons of television ever, up there with parts of Buffy, The Sopranos, and Mad Men.) And now the woman herself, Kristen Bell, has called on fans of the show to bombard Warner Brothers with tweets and Internet petitions and all the same sort of stuff that got Betty White on SNL:

That was seventeen hours as of this writing, and currently the Facebook group calling for a Veronica Mars movie has almost 15,000 members. That's not bad, but somehow I feel like this is an exercise in futility. My fanboy heart hopes not, though.

Via Vulture.