Kristen Wiig won’t play Gilly anymore

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With the release of Bridesmaids around the corner and an endless stream of glowing publicity, Kristen Wiig is pretty indisputably having a moment. And, as such, she's earned the right to start making a few demands. In a new interview, SNL's current star cast member tells Time that she's officially retired two of her most famous (and famously grating) characters, the obsessively competitive Penelope and the vaguely murderous child Gilly. In fact, Wiig now refuses to dust them off, even at the request of Lorne Michaels! Seriously, nothing says power like the ability to say no to Lorne Michaels.

Personally, I think this just means more opportunity for Wiig to break out new characters and showcase different facets of her talent, but then again I was never a huge fan of either Penelope or Gilly to begin with. So what do you think — major loss to the show, or major relief?