The lack of homophobia on Glee sparks conservative outrage

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Blaine and Kurt on Glee

So on last night's episode of Glee, they tackled bullying. According to the Huffington Post, "The episode featured Kurt, played by Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer, returning to his old school and receiving an apology from a closeted gay football player who had bullied him. Celebrating acceptance, the show's cast sings Lady Gaga's gay-pride anthem "Born This Way," and all seems well at McKinley High once again."

Naturally, conservatives were outraged by the homophobic football player's apology to Kurt for threatening to kill him. But students coming together and singing "Born This Way" in an attempt to embrace each other and end bullying was the last straw. Dan Gainor, conservative media critic and general hate monger, reported to ABC News that this was Ryan Murphy's, the creator of Glee:

"Latest depraved initiative to promote his gay agenda. This is clearly Ryan Murphy's vision of what growing up should be, not most of America's. It's a high school most parents would not want to send their kids to."

Now there's the funny thing: what actually happened on last night's episode is that Santana, an evil cheerleader who also happens to be a lesbian, blackmailed the closeted gay football player into being her beard. With both of their sexual preferences securely hidden, they decide to run for prom king and queen. The apology to Kurt and the anti-bullying campaign they start are just designed to get them votes. So, it would appear that last night's episode about gay acceptance isn't about acceptance at all; it's fundamentally about how far some people will go to hide the truth. You win, Dan Gainor.