Lady Gaga’s Jo Calderone was wearing a prosthetic penis the whole time

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Surely you remember Jo Calderone, that charming young man with the dastardly good looks who opened, middled, and practically ended last Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards. If so, then you'll likely also remember how, even after the thinly veiled Lady Gaga insisted to reporters, "I am from New Jersey; my family is from Palermo, Sicily; I am not a singer or a model or an actor or anything; I am just a guy," you just couldn't help thinking to yourself: What the — that was awful. Has Gaga never met another human being before? But, hey, you know what? You're no Brian Cranston yourself! Acting is, like, really hard, so give her a break. And besides, the NYU dropout did everything she could to make her performance as convincing as possible — and by "did everything she could," we of course mean "put a fake wang in her pants."

As reported by Us Weekly,

The pop provocateur (real name: Stephanie Germanotta), 25, didn't just wear men's clothing (including Armani men's underwear) and fake stubble in her "drag king" get-up: To complete the gender-bending transformation, Gaga wore a prosthetic penis, an insider confirms.

Acting! And just like that, 12.4 million "Little Monsters" are born.