Larry King to plan comedy tour, internet stuff

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Larry King may not be getting any younger — the sweet blanket of oblivion wrapping snugly around him in his twilight years — but he's not retiring form showbusiness anytime soon. In an interview with New York magazine, King announced his plans for projects — many new, exciting, strange projects in his future.

King will now do four specials a year for CNN. And he’ll spend more time with his 10- and 11-year-old boys. King’s days as the most frequently married guy in television are behind him—he’s had seven wives (one he married twice), five kids. And he’s sifting through professional offers. “I’ve got a lot of people talking to me,” he says. “I might do Internet stuff.” One definite project is a comedy tour. “I’m funny,” says King. “I’m going to do stand-up. That’s what I love.” Someone has proposed that he host a show called Bright People. “Both sides would be heard. With dignity. Respect. Truth,” he says, and asks, “Do you think that would work?”

Perhaps there's a difference between actual spur-of-the-moment comedic reflexivity and, say, allowing your producers to put you in the same room as Snoop Dogg which is funny because you are so old, but whatever. It's also interesting that King expresses interest in "internet stuff," since the Larry King name alone has enough meme cachet to occupy blogosphere for a good five years. Nonetheless, we'll miss his face in front of so many brightly colored bulbs. Good luck, sir. I look forward to all of your weird things.