Leonardo Da Vinci continues his comeback with not one but two TV shows

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Rolling Stone ran a cover story about Jim Morrison's early '80s renaissance with the tagline "He's hot, he's sexy, and he's dead." Apparently, Leonardo Da Vinci is having a similar moment right now, with both Starz and Universal developing television properties based on the popular Ninja Turtle Renaissance master.

Starz's Da Vinci's Demons centers around the "untold story" (read: bullshit) of Da Vinci's "raucous youth."

Stars rep Carmi Zlotnik (who sounds like a Russian gangster), said "If modern day has Tony Stark, the Renaissance has Da Vinci." Of course, "modern day" doesn't have Tony Stark, because he's a fictional character, but what do I know? Hopefully Da Vinci will have wrist-mounted rockets or arrows or robo-arms or some bullshit like that.

David Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) is the showrunner, and he was quoted as saying the show will be about "secret histories, genius, madness, and all things profane," which sounds like a collection of poetry I never got around to writing while being an eighth-grade goth girl. So, uh, good for him.

Universal, meanwhile, just announced its own version of the Young Da Vinci legend, which will feature the titular genius's "quest to stop Renaissance Europe from returning to the Dark Ages," presumably with rickety helicopters made of wood.

I, on the other hand, have had little to no luck shopping my treatment of the sexy adventures of the young Pliny the Elder and his efforts to get his Naturalis Historia published despite the efforts of an evil shadow organization headed by the dastardly Nero. Also, there will be boobs.