Links: ABC developing vice-president show, sadly not about Biden

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Joe Biden

ABC is developing a sexy-vice-president show. Unfortunately, it's not about everyone's favorite big fucking deal.

This list is so dumb, it's kind of brilliant. The ten teachers with dirty names caught sleeping with their students. When your son gets assigned to Ms. Harder's class, trouble's on the way.

This morning, we reported that Tea-Party candidate (and anti-masturbation advocate) Christine O'Connell had won the GOP Senate ticket in Delaware. Here are ten of the craziest things she's ever said.

It might not be terrible mature, but I never tire of clever sign-vandalism coupled with Catholics-are-pedophiles cracks.

This is a French wine-filling station, to which you can bring your own bottles. If it can pass regulations, we might see them on this side of the Atlantic soon.

And finally, Twitter added a "location" prompt to its homepage. Which didn't prompt me to add the service. However, it did prompt some hilarity:

Osama Tweet