Links: Katie Couric is officially leaving CBS Evening News

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Katie Couric will leave her post as the first ever solo female anchor at CBS Evening News, presumably to go to a syndicated daytime talk-show slot. Hey, Oprah is gone; we need someone to fill the living rooms of suburban moms.

Mac users are richer and more status-obsessed than PC users, a new study has confirmed. They also prefer bistro fries to non-bistro fries, those assholes.

Personally, I thought pirate chic was out, but here are twenty-five ladies proving me so very wrong. Yes, a gallery of twenty five ladies wearing eye-patches and come-hither stares. Well, half-stares. Hopefully ninja chic will be next.

The Devil's Double, which has been gaining a ton of buzz not only for its content (it's about Saddam Hussein's son's body double) but for Dominic Cooper's insane performance, has a trailer out. Check it.

And finally, in case anyone is doubting the fact that you're a CEO, there's now a card case to remind them exactly who's the boss, Samuel L Jackson-style.