Links: The Double Rainbow guy finally gets a TV commercial

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Double rainbow guy Bear Vasquez

The Double Rainbow guy finally got an ad deal
. Of course, he really really loves anything that comes in sets of two. 

Jennifer Aniston speaks on getting asked to join the cast of SNL, before she went off and joined the cast of that other show. You know, the one that made her kind of famous. 

Clothing label Kenneth Cole comes forward with what must be the least sensitive promotion of all time: a Tweet suggesting that the reason people are, you know, dying on the streets of Egypt is because they're excited about clothing deals. That doesn't even qualify for "too soon." It's still fucking happening. 

A food-activist group in Finland has taken a Ronald McDonald statue hostage. If McDonald's doesn't answer their questions about its food's content, they plan to execute him. 

The owner of the Washington Redskins is trying to get two million dollars, for a mean, anti-Semitic picture that was posted of him by the Washington City Paper. And maybe it was mean, but this guy is also a rich asshole.