Listen to this perfect X-Files/Downton Abbey mash-up

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Plowing through the first season of Downton Abbey a few weeks ago — which, if you haven't yet, and have Netflix Instant at your disposal, you should probably go leave the internet for about seven hours and catch up with the rest of us as quick as you can, because it's really, really good, and the internet's still going to be here when you get back — there was something strange about that opening score.

It's dramatic and kinetic, and had with it the classical orchestral sound you kind of have to have in anything called Masterpiece Theater. But there was something else embedded in the background there. Something a bit more eerie and macabre.

Aaaaand looks like someone found it: it's essentially a spruced-up, classed-up version of The X-Files theme. Not in a rip-off kind of way, but more a most-likely accidental homage. In any case, it makes for one hell of a mash-up that your ears will thank you for allowing them to hear. Best of all: it's only thirty seconds long!