In the U.K., television shows often come with an expiration date — a show runner has a story to tell, and once that story is done, the show goes off the air. It's like the TV version of Dignitas; there's no point in torturing a show into a few more seasons, from a creative standpoint. Maybe 30 Rock could learn a thing or two from our friends across the Atlantic, because I just don't know if I'd want to see a version of the show without Alec Baldwin:

Vulture caught up with [Lorne] Michaels at the TV Critics Association press tour, where he was hyping his new comedy Up All Night; we asked him if he could imagine any scenario in which next season would be the last for 30 Rock. "No, I really can't," he told us. And what if Baldwin makes good on his promise to depart next spring? "I can't imagine doing the show without Alec, but I couldn't imagine doing [Saturday Night Live] without Chevy," he said. "And we're still on the air."

If you take Jack Donaghy away from me and leave me with only Tracy Jordan, I will come at you, Michaels. This is very clearly a bad idea, so I don't even feel like I should go into it. But I will ask why people are so willing to destroy good things when it comes to TV: Mad Men without Matthew Weiner? Friday Night Lights on DirecTV? I thought TV was considered art now! Please let things go when their time comes, Lorne.

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Aug 02 11 - 11:51am

Dear 30 Rock: You are one of my favorite shows, but please have the dignity to end on a high note. This past season was terrible.

Aug 02 11 - 12:21pm

Bad idea. Jack is the linchpin of the show. Have some self-respect and go out on top already.

Aug 02 11 - 12:33pm

How could you criticize FNL on DirecTV? That was a brilliant move that saved a network show doomed for cancellation, and gave us an additional three seasons (all of which were superior to season 2, and on par with Season 1). And this isn't just some fanboy speaking (although I did spend way too much money buying my wife Landry's Crucifictorious shirt). Seasons 3 through 5 routinely made critics' best-of lists.

Aug 02 11 - 12:34pm
Buck Nasty

SNL should be off the air too. That shit sucks.

Aug 02 11 - 5:31pm

This season should be the last one

Aug 31 11 - 12:46pm

Frnklay I think that's absolutely good stuff.