Mad Fan Mad Men parody

This is a friendly PSA from your favorite Nerve blog: do not reenact scenes from Mad Men at the office. Smoking at the office is not allowed, sexual harassment is grounds for a lawsuit and walking in on a woman on the toilet strangely frowned upon.

This quick little reminder is called Mad Fan and it reminds us all of a wonderful, prehistoric time in which men were allowed to drink Scotch on the job. (Actually, I do that every day. Hooray for working from home!) 

It's not the greatest YouTube video I've ever seen, but it's an amusing enough diversion.

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Commentarium (4 Comments)

Nov 23 10 - 6:46pm

I don't work from home but there's a bottle of Glenfiddich in a drawer two feet from where I sit. God knows I need it some days.

Nov 23 10 - 7:44pm


Apr 13 11 - 8:05am

That's way more cevler than I was expecting. Thanks!

Dec 09 11 - 4:27pm

That was a funny vid. If only admitting to be a fan of a tv show could get you out of any trouble *daydreams
Mad Men really does give you that look into the past at what used to be new technology and what used to be allowed at the workplace.