“Mad Men” and “True Blood”: recapping the sexy bits

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As someone who really cares about TV, I think it's cruel to have new episodes of our favorite Sunday night dramas, Mad Men and True Blood, on the same night as the Emmys. How do you choose?! Easily, it turns out: the Emmys may be TV's big night, but no one's going to get naked there. (And if they do, it'll be on the Internet.) So what salaciousness did our two shows have in store for us this week?

True Blood

Best Couple On the Show, Seriously: True Blood, this was not your strongest showing. I watch you for the same reason some guys exclusively date crazy chicks: you're more full of life and/or weird sex fantasies. Instead, you were… kind of boring. This was the third season's penultimate episode! Anyway, that being said: Jessica and Hoyt! Sometimes the "erotic biting" on this show kind of weirds me out, but the hungry/sexy eyes Jessica gave right before she went to town on Hoyt's neck? Yowza.

This Again?: Tara and Sam got drunk, pissed off at everyone, and then did it in the bar. Remember at the start of the season, when both of these characters had intriguing story lines that seemed to promise interesting growth? Ah, how naive we were back then.

Mad Men

Let's Get Liberated: Now this is what I'm taking about. Peggy — who is probably my favorite character to watch — takes another step towards awesomeness when she has to deal with a blowhard art director who disrespects her to her face and rambles on about how everyone should be naked all the time. And what does our girl do? She calls his bluff and strips, and gets him to as well, until he's so uncomfortable he finally starts to work with her.

Classy: My God, how Don has fallen. The smooth-talking, composed, and mysterious man we all loved has become a sad, alcohol-soaked guy who's only just getting by. As if Don's drunken pitch to Life (the cereal) wasn't painful enough, we then watch as Don takes home some random drunk women only to wake up two days later with a different woman and no memory of the weekend. Yikes.