Meet Adrianne Palicki, the new Wonder Woman

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And the lead role for NBC and David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman goes to… Adrianne Palicki, a woman you might recognize from some stuff, depending on your love for pop-corny supernatural thrillers (Supernatural) or critically beloved shows that ended before their time (Friday Night Lights, Lone Star). Palicki also appeared in the (unaired) pilots of Aquaman and The Robinsons: Lost In Space, so this wouldn't be her first time at the sci-fi rodeo.

According to her IMDb page, she played basketball and ran track in high school, and stands at what would be a very imposing 5'11," which will hopefully translate well into playing a superhero. (I was still holding out for a professional kickboxer or something. I wanted Wonder Woman to have some serious guns.) But this Wonder Woman is also a high-powered business executive and a normal girl who likes slumber parties with her besties. Palicki's received some positive reviews for her work in the past, so it's possible she can embody all three identities.

I wanted to show you a video of Palicki stuck to a ceiling exploding into flames (from Supernatural, which is how I know her), but the closest I could find was a YouTube fan video called "Supernatural — God Decides," and no one wants that. So here's a picture:

Bonne chance, Adrianne!