Meet Edith and Carolyn, the best things to come out of CNN’s Iowa coverage

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It must be tough to be CNN on the night of the Iowa caucus. It's a big day, so you can't not pay attention, but especially this year, when the results were far from certain, you end up with literally hours of air time in which you bring on talking heads to say, more or less, "Who knows!" Until precincts start reporting, you're treading water. And even once the winner is picked, all the real analysis comes the next day, when campaigns have folded or pledged to move forward and people have more than two minutes to examine and think over the results. But you still have to be on the air! Talking and stuff! What are you to do?

CNN clearly found the answer last night: wake up two old women who participated in the caucus and then just kind of chat with them. Shoot the shit. Ask them if they use a land line or a cell phone. See if they know what Twitter is. It's cool, nobody's tuning in for concise political insight anyway:

Prickly! Obviously Edith and Carolyn had to appear at least once more:

They freakin' trended on Twitter, which I think is amazing. Is there a more amusing and obvious way for the six people on screen to telegraph their complete lack of anything left to say? Has there been a clearer sign that our cable news networks have become like so many Thanksgiving turkeys, bred for size but not for taste? Can Edith and Carolyn please call me every week to talk for, like, an hour? These are the hard hitting questions we're left to ponder the day after the Iowa caucus. Well done, CNN.