When Meghan McCain appeared seemingly (but not actually) nude in a PSA for skin-cancer awareness, Glenn Beck responded by pretending to vomit for minutes on air during his radio show. Much to the ire of the McCain family, Beck refused to apologize for his juvenile antics. But on last night's episode of The Tonight Show, Meghan shot back with a few words of her own:

"No man will ever make me a victim, least of all Glenn Beck... I do a lot with women's body image and this is a very toxic message that's being sent to young women... we have to own ourselves and own different sizes."

Amen to that. Although the vibe of sisterhood positivity took a turn for the violent when she added:

"My father was tortured in prison. He could definitely kick [Beck's] ass."

While that's probably true, no one wins in such a smackdown of conservative windbags. Though it doesn't mean we wouldn't watch.  

Commentarium (6 Comments)

May 24 11 - 7:15pm

How about a nude-off between Meghan and Glenn...then we'll se who vomits.

May 24 11 - 8:55pm

they should do a special where McCain kicks Beck's ass and Hannity gets waterboarded by Jesse Ventura.

May 25 11 - 12:18am

Meghan who?

May 25 11 - 12:21am

"My father was tortured in prison."

And continues to be every time he sees Meghan open her mouth on TV.

May 25 11 - 2:53am

I'd fuck her and her mother. Sort of an albino sandwich.

Jul 22 11 - 4:02am

Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on trohugh.