Michael K. Williams joining the cast of Community

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Michael K. Williams will be joining the cast of Community.

Williams is best known for playing Omar Little, one of the most fascinating characters on The Wire, a show that's regularly put on a short list of "the best things ever." Though I prefer his work as James in the Trapped in the Closet saga, Williams' work as Omar garnered rave reviews across the board — Omar was reportedly President Obama's favorite character on the show.

Which is why it's kind of a shame that such a great actor has been largely relegated to similar roles in movies and shows since The Wire. But he'll be playing a new biology professor on Community this fall, a role that show creator Dan Harmon says will be part of a larger move to bring a sense of "groundedness and reality to the show."

"The detractors of our show complain that there's a distancing that takes place because we have such a silliness and far-fetchedness," he noted. "If last year we were a bunch of loose pearls that were rolling all over the floor that you could slip on, hopefully this year those pearls will have a string through them that makes them all one thing."

Fanciful metaphors aside, Community has also announced that John Goodman will be coming to Greendale as well, appearing as the dean of the Greendale School of Air Conditioning Repair. Though that one is slightly less out of left field than Omar (and with all this renewed interest in Roseanne, I'm now wondering whatever became of Michael Fishman), it's shaping up to be an excellent season. Also, that's two David Simon alumni that will be joining the cast. I'm now officially rooting for Slim Charles to make an appearance.